Core Beliefs

What I believe In

Investment Philosophy

Simple & low fees is better

Research has shown again and again that low fees are the best predictor of a fund’s future performance. Complex strategies with good backtested results are often too expensive, difficult to understand, and fail to perform in the real world. 

equity builds wealth, fixed income preserves it

Despite the occasional market declines, the stock market still proves to be the best way to build wealth for investors. Despite low yields, fixed income is still the best way to offset the risk of the stock market. Balancing between stocks and bonds is the best way to build portfolios for the long run. 

risk management comes first

The best risk management process is to never take on more risk than you can afford to or stomach. You don’t take on more risk then hope the markets goes in your direction. Timing the market and picking individual stocks often introduces unnecessary risks. 

Balance living for today and planning for tomorrow

Money can and should enrich your life today and for the future. A balanced view of present needs and future demands are key.  

You should understand what you invest in

Even when working with a financial professional, having an understanding of your investments allow you to better withstand the inevitable storms. 

Client service Matters

communication is important

Knowing you have an advisor who will spend the time with you when markets are in turmoil could mean the difference between selling at the bottom or weathering the storm. 

Accessible is important

It’s easy to book a meeting with me as a client. Just check my calendar to find a time that works for both of us. No need to play phone tag or pass messages along though an assistant. 

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